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Nothing about me,

just me,

my artwork is a peace of my life, but Art is not my life. There was a time I was to much identifying my life and artwork as the same thing. But it was like, trying to fill up a barrel with no ground, it’s just an hole you never have enough to feel finished. You never 100 % happy with you’re Art (if you are an artist you know what I am talking about, if you are not an artist maybe you also know what I am talking about ; ) you try getting it more perfect and nice but still finding some mistakes. So I figured out for myself “ if life and art is on the same level, being the same thing and gets the same attention and energie, you will always find a mistake or something not perfect in Life, and that really sucks on a surtain point, cause i didn`t enjoy life itself. So what I decide is : I live the life with all mistakes, ugly things and of cause happyness, and being a part in it, and out of all my impressions expiriences, the things I win and things I lost, I will try to make good


So I go for it …. A life with Art

monARch ohNe

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